Life Retrospective

The Year of We – 2020 Retrospective

With 2020 coming to an end we are saying good-bye to an era that raised and shaped our generation. After everything that happened, life will never go back to normal — it will move on, transform, advance, and become normal eventually as we all get used to the new reality.

Even our steady life in Canada was shaken by the breath of this new plague. We were reminded of how fragile humans are in the face of nature, both physically and mentally; how tenuous our social institutions are and how it can all go to hell if we stop paying attention.

I’ve been working from home, dealing with uncertainty and enjoying people from a distance (like my dear friend Edmund put it) for a while — 2020 didn’t change my life much but it changed my perspective. If I had to name it, I’d call it a ‘Year of Going from Me to We‘.

Experiments Life

Digital detox — 3 weeks off social media

I did an experiment – deleted my Instagram and Facebook apps for the most of January. For no higher reason other than to take a break – I felt like life got too cluttered (or I got too addicted). I kept messenger, email and other practical stuff, just turned off notifications. 

For those who don’t know – I run a digital agency, I work online, I work from home (or anywhere else) and I’m in charge of my own schedule – all of the above comes with its benefits and price, sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it – but that’s a whole different rant for another day. 

So, here’s what I discovered in 3+ weeks without social media. 

Life Retrospective

The Last Post of 2019

My life has been a journey of becoming a Someone. Someone smart, important, successful and hopefully, someone good. Trying to do well in school, getting a degree, emigrating to Canada, going back to college, getting a job, starting a business, finding a partner, getting a house – all the things I was doing to prepare myself for a better life. 

But where does this prep work end and the life begins? – you ask. 

Life Retrospective

The Bright Side of 2018

Or Don’t Forget to Fasten Your Seat Beeeelt…. 

I wanted to write an honest post about 2018, about success and emotional turbulence, hopes and unmet expectations, pleasant surprises, minor disappointments and big support of my friends.
But if I write it as is, would I want to publish it online? Or would anyone even want to read it? And how honest can you be when talking about yourself anyways? Better I let my judgements go and share the parts I want to remember… So, here’s the bright side of 2018.
If you still want to read it, I warn you – it’s going to be long.

Life Thoughts

One thing a day

Do one thing
that makes you

Take a nice photo;
go to a gym;
create a worthy piece of design;
answer all emails;
call your parents;

It feels good.

Design Life Retrospective

The last post of the year. 2014

It’s been a challenging year, full of new events, places and people. It started with a big frustration and a bigger hope when I quit my job as a Creative Director of Mopals and went travelling solo to South America. I didn’t have any idea neither of what to expect there nor of what I would be doing upon returning to Canada.

And it felt awesome.

The two-months-to-be trip turned into a four months adventure that took me from Peruvian highlands to deserted lagoons of Southern Bolivia to sandy beaches of Ecuador.