katerina-lyadovaOnline dating is exhausting so this woman got a robot to swipe and choose men for her
Katerina Lyadov hired ‘dating managers’ so they could chit-chat and schedule dates for her.

Navigating the online dating world is no easy task. After weeks of swiping and chatting with unknown men, Katerina Lyadova, 30, realized she was wasting a lot of time and getting no results…
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Dating Vandalized: Katerina Lyadova Discusses Book Launch & Creative Life

Katerina Lyadova is the Creative Director at Oddbee Studios. Her creative talent, drive, passion projects, and curiosity have led her down some interesting paths. Most recently, that path has led her to collaborate with Melissa Hughes on an upcoming book release.
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Q&A: Katerina Lyadova and Melissa Hughes on their book Dating Vandalized

Katerina Lyadova is looking for love, but says work hardly leaves her time to swipe and type.

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