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Japanese Markets

I have this strange (may be) obsession with food markets. I find them to be perfect places to soak in the real local culture. Something is always happening there: people, motorcars, carts, noises, sometimes animals, food trucks, beggars, weird stuff… plus you get to try all different kinds of food. Wherever I go I always take my camera to a local market. The more remote and exotic the place is the more exciting it is to explore its markets. Check my photos from Tarapoto, Peru from 2014.

This one is all about Japan. Whatever I show or say it’s never gonna be enough to describe how amazing this country is. Just like everything in Japan, the markets there are extremely organized and clean. If you believe that there’s a fish market that doesn’t stink like fish, there’s one right in the heart of Tokyo.

Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo. Popularized by Jiro Dreams of Sushi documentaryIMG_8021


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Japan. Travel notes, part I

The expectations. 
– Aren’t you unbelievably excited about the trip?
– I am believably excited.
When going to Japan you are expected to be excited. I think it’s so far and still so mystified in the Western world that going to Japan almost feels  like winning a lottery ticket. If you aren’t excited you gotta fake it at least. So I did.
Akihabara, Tokyo 
21 days later I’m on board of the beautiful 787 Dreamliner on my way back and I am truly unbelievably amazed by the wonders I’ve seen in this beautiful country. It is un-be-lie-va-ble. I have completely fallen in love with Tokyo. I think I would even live there and get soaked in its amazing mix of culture, traditions, and hi-tech.
 Shiragawa-go Ethnical village, Takayama
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Canadian National Exhibition



Life Thoughts

One thing a day

Do one thing
that makes you

Take a nice photo;
go to a gym;
create a worthy piece of design;
answer all emails;
call your parents;

It feels good.

Design Thoughts

Creativity and chaos

Have you ever thought why creative people are often considered chaotic, absent-minded, and blamed to be all over the place? Creativity is just an ability to connect the dots. To do that you need to know a little bit about many things. The broader your outlook, your area of interests and your network the more dots you can connect. Creative people are all over the place, they have to be to be creative.

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Cooking up the fortune


There’s an old fortune cookies factory hidden in San Francisco china town. They say it’s the only remaining one where cookies are still made by hand. As expected the place has all the traits of a typical tourist trap: it is central, they charge you for taking pictures, they try to sell you stuff.

However there’s something intrinsically charming about this cluttered gloomy joint.

Design Life Retrospective

The last post of the year. 2014

It’s been a challenging year, full of new events, places and people. It started with a big frustration and a bigger hope when I quit my job as a Creative Director of Mopals and went travelling solo to South America. I didn’t have any idea neither of what to expect there nor of what I would be doing upon returning to Canada.

And it felt awesome.

The two-months-to-be trip turned into a four months adventure that took me from Peruvian highlands to deserted lagoons of Southern Bolivia to sandy beaches of Ecuador.



It all comes to dust. Burning Man

Full set


Ecuador, colourful memories